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With Industrial Engineering Techniques Training

Occupational Health and Safety Certificate Trainings that every employee should receive as required by Law No. 6331

Workplace Physician Service


In accordance with the law numbered 6331, all workplaces have to work with the Workplace Physician in proportion to the number of employees. Call us to benefit from our doctors.

Mobile Health Service


Workplaces should have their employees perform medical analyzes and techniques related to occupational disease in certain periods. With Mobile Healthcare, we provide a mobile healthcare service that allows them to do where they work, without losing any workforce and workdays, without going to another organization.

Periodic Controls


These are regular checks and tests to prevent unwanted incidents that may arise from all tools and equipment used in the workplaces, to avoid future problems, to prolong the life of the equipment used, to determine whether they will work in suitable shafts. These tests are carried out by certified and contracted engineers with appropriate equipment.

Occupational Safety Specialist Service


According to the law numbered 6331, all workplaces have to work with A (Very Dangerous), B (Dangerous) or C (Less Dangerous) class Occupational Health and Safety Specialist in a time proportional to the number of employees. Call us to take advantage of our expertise.

Risk assessment


Preparation of the risk assessment report to be made by every workplace as required by law No. 6331

Ambient Measurements


With many regulations issued in accordance with the law numbered 6331, workplaces have to have one of the following measurements suitable for them.

Noise measurement
Drawing the noise map
Lighting measurement
Temperature Measurement
Humidity Measurement
Airflow Velocity Measurement
Dust measurement
Gas measurement
Vibration measurements (Hand-arm and body vibration and vibration occurring in buildings and machines with continuous vibration and impact)

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